Upon reflection, I feel like pond scum for abandoning my C/Hr. So I put it to you, dear readers, which would you rather see:

1. More one-shots with various characters and pairings.

2. The C/Hr. Harry dies in GoF Hermione and Cedric travel in time to try to set things right. 20,000-25,000 words

3. AU. After OotP Severus wishes for a world where he never called Lily a mudblood and married her. Harry wishes for a world where Sirius never died. They get their wish. Unfortunately, it's also a world where Voldemort is on the brink of victory, James is a DE, Hermione is ignorant of magic, and Remus, Ron, and Dumbledore are dead. Harry, Lily, Luna, a very bitter Ginny and others team up to fight Voldemort. Snape/Lily, and Harry/Luna feature, but it's mostly a war story with a strong emphasis on the familial bond between Snape/Harry/Lily. 50,000+ words