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([personal profile] jtav May. 14th, 2009 08:59 am)
I'm now up to 15,000 words on my Hermione Big Bang fic. On one hand, yay! It is now officially the longest fic I've ever written. On the other hand, I've got SO much to do that I sort of doubt I'll finish in time. Someone needs to write an essay on how tell if your idea is going to spawn a proper novel BEFORE you write it. At least I'll be able to make 20,000 words before deadline. That ought to count for something.

So what else have I got planned?

-- Clean up my [profile] springtime_gen fic for posting here and at other sites. I may change some details to tie it into another fic I wrote but I haven't decided.
-- A short, fluffy Neville/Ginny piece set during PS/SS. This is my top priority after HBB fic.
-- A series of short H/G pieces that provide alternate versions of the kiss, the breakup, and the birthday present scene. I found these scenes problematic in canon, and I'd like to tweak it so it's more palatable to me personally while still keeping the H/G.
-- A much longer AU where Ginny is kidnapped in DH instead of Luna
-- A longish one-shot where Tom is sent to live with Slughorn for a summer because the Germans are bombing London.
--A canon compliant Cedric-Fleur friendship piece. Every time I put these two together in a scene, they almost derail the fic with their chemistry.
-- A sequel to my Cedric/Luna story. Someday.
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