So, my completely awesome smutty_claus gift has been posted. It is awesome and a much better gift than I deserve. More importantly, it has inspired me to do a sequel to my own Cedric/Luna story. It will probably get me thrown out of my corner of fandom. I'm so sick of St. Luna who is never wrong and is immune to Dementors/Horcruxes/having normal human emptions that I'm trying my hand at a bit of darkfic. Shouldn't be too long, maybe three parts, depending.

For some strange reason, I feel the urge to sign up for another  fest, but I have no idea what. I'm not a big fan of fests where the sign up form asks you to include listobjects/object and a place the author has to include in the fic. My pet characters are Cedric and Luna, but they don't have their own fests. Suggestions?I might do takingitinturns if I can come up with a sign up form that isn't obnoxious. Somehow I don't think "I hate canon H/G but I think their OOTP incarnations had tremendous pottential and so did the whole diary incident" would go over well.