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([personal profile] jtav Sep. 2nd, 2009 09:38 pm)
Well, I signed up for Smutty Claus. That was one fest I said I'd never do because I'm not much of a smut writer. I do write smut. It's just something that's more difficult than gen. But in the past year, I've written so many things outside of my comfort zone. Slash. Next gen. Next gen slash. Darkfic. Even Harry/Ginny. What's one more bit of smut? The novella is ahead of schedule and GBB is quiet, so I have a little free time.

I am pretty sure the mod is about to kill me, though, because I've edited the sign up so many times. Actually omitted Harry/Luna because I am so pick and the Perfect!Luna characterization so prevalent in that subfandom gives me a headache. I had a big long list of Dos and Dont's for that pairing before I decided pickiness and exchanges don't mix. I'm pretty sure I forgot some things (like that I can write H/L) but I've edited enough. Kind of curious to see what I'm assigned.  I said I'd write H/G mostly because I'm sleeping, eating, and breathing it with the novella. I don't ship it in the conventional sense, but I've grown to love writing it.